Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inscribed in Gold

This is an A3 sized Birchath habayit made with the help of gum and golden powder.To make this first of all write the letters in the parchment and fill the each letter with gum and then dust the powder.similarly write a line each then keep it for drying and then wipe out the excess of dust.Then continue the process, this is a work which need more patience and any one can do this after frequent experiment and practice.
I dedicate this work to all those who work for the peace between Israelites and Palstinians.Especially to Dr.Asher Eder one of my new friend from Israel and to Mr.Zeev Barkan who introduced him to me.May god fill this world with Peace.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

As simple as that............

I had made a non exclusively decorated Birchat Habayit which is very simple and and i like it most because the font used in this is favourite to me than the other styles used by myself.and copper border is given to it which gives an antique look to it.

Right now I am in the making of a large A3 sized Birchath with golden embossing letters in the same Torah scibe font used in it i will soon post the pics of.

Arabic Calligraphy- A gift of God

This is an Arabic Calligraphy done two years ago when i was concentrated in learning Arabic Calligraphy of my own and my tutor was my God,Who gave me this ability to do it and more.I praise him and bow to him for it.
This was made after looking in one photograph of an Arabic i was in its starting stage