Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ashkenazi,Bagdadi and An Indian(אשכנזי, באגדאדי והודי)

This is the photo of Isaac Ashakenazi, Sarah Cohen and me from the house of Sarah Cohen. Family of Mr. Isaac is a German immigrant and Sarah Cohen is from Bagdad and I myself Thoufeek Zakriya an Indian Muslim.
Today (23rd June 2009) I went to Sarah Auntie’s house and showed my torah Scroll as I promised to her and she was pretty amazed to see it and she called her neighbour Mr. Isaac Ashkenazi who came for an evening walk and a visit to Sarah Cohen’s house and He saw my handmade Torah Scroll and gave a good comment and he read it fully and here is the photo of him checking the Sefer Torah

He told that it was good and he asked me to write his name and I wrote it fore him in Hebrew and also he have ordered me one copy of Birchat habayit for him to present it to one of his friend.
And it is really a rare chance to me to click a photo with him because he always avoids photography for his privacy from all the medias but he happily gave me the chance. Actually it was all happened because of Mr.Thaha Ibrahim who is the care taker of Sarah Cohen. Yaa a Muslim who looks after an aged Jew without any profit as his own mother. Mr.Thaha told “this is what my religion Islam taught me, to love and maintain peace between all and spread it like an ocean”.
For me this is a great thing and a great example of communal harmony.
May Allah bless us all with Peace.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A visit to Sarah Cohens house,eldest Jewess in the Cochin Jewish community.

Me,Sarah Cohen and Thaha
This is a photograph took from the house of the most eldest person of the Cochin Jewish community, Sarah Cohen I visited her on 10th of this month. Thaha he is a Muslim and he is the shopkeeper and helper of Sarah Cohen’s hand embroidery shop within her home. He helps her in the stitching of Kippas and jewish hand embroidery items and he know a little of Hebrew that has been taught by Sarah Cohen and her late Husband who was an eminent personality in cochin jewish community.
When I went to her home to visit her and show my Hebrew calligraphies she was pretty amazed to see it and she told that she cant believe that a Muslim doing Hebrew calligraphy. And she liked each and every piece and I presented one to her and she was very happy to receive that and she exhibited it in her shop. She talked to me almost a three hours even though she is aged and being tired of it. Any way she was very open and happy to share her comments on it and from her I had learned many new terminologies used there in the Cochin Jewish community.
And to me it was a different experience to see her and her happiness.