Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yom Kippur with Sarah Aunty-A rare Ocassion

On the evening of 27th sep 2009( 9th tishri ) the Cochin Jews observed the day of Attonement -“Yom Kippur”, wearing white clothes and carrying their bags of books to be read in the time of Yom Kippur service and they walked through the Jew street, this evening was a rare scenery to me. Today when I went to Sarah auntie’s house there she was reciting the prayer I wished her and entered the home.
There Thaha was setting the special oil lamp known as “Talmeed” (which means “always” as told by Sarah aunty), which is lighted in this festival.

he gave me a brief explanation about the setting up of Thameed lamp this consists of a glass cup with “Kundiris” (A brass stand for the cotton thread) at bottom and half of water and then half of Coconut oil, the cotton thread which has a darga pullu (A grass variety used by Hindus for their religious rituals) inside it for reinforcement even one more out side is attached to the kundiris, where the extra grass placed is lighted first.

Sarah aunty explained many stories and traditions followed by them and she had her food and got ready for the Yom Kippur fasting and after she wore white clothes and lighted the Menorah and then the Talmeed lamp.
She took her books and went to the synagogue with the help of her maid Seli chechi. Other members of the community also gathered in the synagogue, there were the members from Ernakulum Jewish community and some foreigners.
I and Thaha went to a heritage Café to have a tea, I ordered for Masala tea which is my favorite, after having it we went back to click more pictures of the synagogue.
The synagogue was also lighted with the candle and this auspicious evening helped me to know more about the Cochin Jews and their traditions.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

133 yeas old Hebrew bible presented to me from Sarah Aunty

Once i went to Sarah aunty's house there Thaha was doing some maintenance work in guest room and from that room even me helped Thaha ,Sarah aunty was sitting in the bed an she was telling stories about her family and her husband Jacob Cohen and she took one old bag and showed me many books and from that there was an old bible it was owned by "Moses Elias Sargon" Sarah aunty dont know who is he but she asked whether i need it i was very much happy to hear it and she presented to me.

this was printed in vienna in 1877 the owner had written in hebrew that "zah hasefer shal Moses Elia Sargon" that means "this book is of (owned) moses elias sargon"
Sarah Aunty presented it to me on a very special day ie on 09-09-'09 i will not forget this day and even this book is 6 to 7 times older to me isnt'it great ?????????????

Rosh Hashannah Card to Sarah Aunty

The New year "Rosh Hashannah " was a bit sad to the Cochin Jews the warden of the community Mr.Samuel Hallegua ie Sammy uncle passed a couple of days before the day.When i went to Sarah Auntie house to present her a fresh water scaled fish ie "katla" known as jewfish in english.For her to make her favourite fish dish.and i even presented this hand made Rosh Hashannah greeting card made my self.and wished a prosperous year ahead.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Samuel Hallegua the warden of cochin Pardesi synagogue passed away.

78 years old man with a wide knowledge that was Samuel hallegua. when i met him 2 years ago he was quiet healthy and was happy to invite me o his home and had talked to me for a long time and after that i had showed my Torah to him and after that i gave him an oil painting of a menorah and shawl.and even i gave him a copy of ten commendment in hebrew handwritten by me and for a long time i didnt met him as iwas away from my hometown for my studies.recently when i came back to my home from sarah aunty i came to know about him that he is suffering from disease.
god didnt gave him a chance to see next Rosh Hashanah which is on 19th of this month.