Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Calligraphic Gift for Bar Mitzvah.

Almost a month ago, while i was checking my mail i got stuck with a mail from States, i read it was a calligraphic request, as i anticipated it was also a bit challenging work, the request was from Mr.Yohan Jeffereis from U.S.A it was to create a Bar Mitzvah calligraphic gift with a Indian Jewish and antique touch. so it was interesting too. so gladly i proceeded with the work, with all the Cochin Jewish design and other Indian design specimens we had a discussion and came to a decision and he send me a layout how it has to be.he send me a copy of invitation card too.

The name of the boy is Marcus Binyamin Eller, i scribed his name in golden letters, in a hand made paper which has a rough texture. And to get parchment colour i had used a secret mixture.

And just below that i had made a lotus design, which is a fusion style and two magen davids in it. Then a scroll   with the Torah portion ie, the Lech-Lecha from Bereshith ( Genesis 12:1-2 ) this is the portion which is to be recited by the boy during the ceremony.

The pillar shown here is a replica of the pillar of Aron Kadesh of Cochin Pardesi Synagogue. A combimation of red and golden colour. The floral design given in white colour frame is of Taj Mahal floral design. Finally, after all the work i had just placed a picture which was forwarded by Mr.Jefferies in the place left for the photo.And even the frame he brought from Thailand or Indonesia, i don't remember the place.

Hope he will like it, and you too will.


Joy said...

Hi there,
We are the recipients of this beautiful piece of art. My son is Benjamin Marcus and Yohan Jefferies is our dear friend.
Thank you so much for creating this and collaborating with Yohan on this project.

It is truly unique, beautiful, thoughtful and contains meaning and history.
We are proudly hanging this work of art in our common area for everyone who visits our home to see.

Thoufeek Zakriya said...

thats really a piece of cake for me, to hear such kind of words from you.
Thank you for that.
Please do convey my belated Bar Mitzvah wishes to Benjamin Marcus.

gina /aka / wing said...

Hi Thoufeek....i just wanted to say i checked out your blog when i got your e-mail, and i love it.
you....are Amazing, and that you are incredibly talented! i love the Bar Mitzvah art you made is
incredible! it's totally Beautiful.
i remember when my nephew David Henry got Bar Mitzvahed, and i made the invitations with the Star.
My sis messed up the time, so i had to make them all over again. haha! :) your creation with the secret stuff in the paint is just too awesome. :)
take good care Thoufeek, you are an amazing man. :)