Thursday, August 29, 2013

New title for my blog "Jews of Malabar"

Its been a long time i have not done any Hebrew calligraphy for any specific use but now i had done it for myself. It was for my blog, recently changed its name and address for a widened perspective. Former name "Relics of Cranganore" was confined to a narrow perspective. Now I had changed it to "Jews of Malabar", it became more simple. 

I had used different font styles, small variations of letters like ל (lamed) used in two different form for two different alphabets ie, S and B, similarly for English alphabet J, i had used נ (nun) of sfaradi font, a mirror image of פ (Peh) for e, ש (sheen) for w, ס (samech) for o, ץ (Tzadik sofit) for f, a combination of ת (Tav) and ו (vav) for M, ה (heh) for a, ן (nun sofit) for l, ו (vav) and י (yud) for r. I used Tag (Literally means crown, decorative crowning for letters like  ג ז ט נ ע צ ש ) to ornamate it.

I wanted it more of Hebraic but equally simpler and readable. My task was success i made many of my friends and colleagues to read it to check how can an Indian read Hebrew, to be very honest the result was 100%. 

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