Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hebrew inscriptions in Cochin

These are the some of the oldest hebrew inscriptions found in cochin even in other places like Mala,Parur,Chennamangalam we can find old hebrew inscriptions. The images displayed below is the marble found on the door post of Cochin Jewish Cemetery.the one is of Hebrew and other contains English and Malayalam.



This is the inscription found in Mattancherry Pardesi Synagogue. and it states about the oldest Kochangadi Synagogue.

There is another hebrew inscription in cochin which is unknown to most of the people, it is the tomb stone inscription of tomb of Namiah muthah (Nehemiah ben Abraham) it is situated in Chakkamaadom, which is near to my maternal ancestral house.

Most of the localites use to light the candle and pray there.

Another tombstone outside the recently restored synagogue in Chennamangalam
has Hebrew letters inscribed, which are clearly visible, with the words "Sara
bat Israel" (Sara, the daughter of Israel). The Hebrew date corresponds to
1269, making it the oldest Hebrew text in India.

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