Monday, April 20, 2009

My calligraphies

Hai readers,I am Thoufeek Zakriya from Cochin,India.I am bit interested in languages,Art calligraphy and i am crazy about History.

This blog is created by me to publish my calligraphic (in Hebrew,Arabic,aramaic,syrian etc ) works which is completely hand made ones and it will be a different experience to you................. even though i am not a professional in this i use to maintain a standard to erradicate the errors in it.

Here is a Birchat habayit ( ברכת הבית ) hebrew blessing for house recently made by me.This is a simple birkat made without more decorations and the font style used is that of Torah scribe style.

I use to make more birkats with gold dust decorated ones too will post such ones soon.
I am thanking my friend Paul Rockower, for his recommendation and suggesions inspired me to create a blog.thanks Paul.and i will posts more pictures of my creations and those who wants a copy can contact me by posting a comment.

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Jithin said...

man.. u are gifted