Saturday, September 26, 2009

133 yeas old Hebrew bible presented to me from Sarah Aunty

Once i went to Sarah aunty's house there Thaha was doing some maintenance work in guest room and from that room even me helped Thaha ,Sarah aunty was sitting in the bed an she was telling stories about her family and her husband Jacob Cohen and she took one old bag and showed me many books and from that there was an old bible it was owned by "Moses Elias Sargon" Sarah aunty dont know who is he but she asked whether i need it i was very much happy to hear it and she presented to me.

this was printed in vienna in 1877 the owner had written in hebrew that "zah hasefer shal Moses Elia Sargon" that means "this book is of (owned) moses elias sargon"
Sarah Aunty presented it to me on a very special day ie on 09-09-'09 i will not forget this day and even this book is 6 to 7 times older to me isnt'it great ?????????????


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