Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hebrew alphabets in Arabic kufic style, a new attempt.

Recently I had received a requisition letter for Calligraphic job; it was from Odessa, Ukraine. Mr.L(not mentioning the name due to his request) is a Jew who admires Islamic Art and Architecture he had designed his house in Moroccan (Magribi) Style. His need was to design Birkat Ha Bayit in Hebrew but the twist; it must resemble Arabic Kufic style writing. As a calligrapher it is a challenging job to create a new style of Font within a short period of time, but I am a sort of person who likes these type of Challenging works.

To My knowledge no one had created such a font a liaison of Hebrew and Arabic. Some alphabets resembles to some extend but not the corresponding or respective alphabets.But some like ש,س resembles the same, but the ultimate aim, to create a Hebrew font in Arabic specifically Floral Kufic style made me to get acquainted with the job for a long hours. Hope i can meet the need of Mr.L and make him happy.
I will soon upload the picture of the work as soon as possible.
I can even do any such challenging Calligraphic work. Contact :


Anonymous said...

Barukh Hashem!
I hope you succeed in this, Inshallah :-)

Mr. L.
(Odessa, Ukraine)

Paul Rockower said...

I do too, I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?