Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Arabic-Hebrew liaison Calligraphic Project is done.............

The project from far west to create a Hebrew Birkat ha bayith in Arabic Kufic style font was really a challenge to me it, took a long time to frame the alphabets.Initially started it with calligraphy by following some basic rules of Hebrew calligraphy but as per the request from Mr.L I had done it vise-versa i.e, I included more of Arabic calligraphic elements. There were more constrains than the comfort so after overcoming those constrains i persued with the work and the work was finally done. I had received a good comment from Mr.L and here is the picture of the Birkat Ha Bayith.

He told that he will be engraving that in Jerusalem Stone. I hope that the engraved image will be almost similar to the below given image.

Hope everyone will like this word.


Anonymous said...

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Thoufeek Zakriya said...

if possible pls send me a mail regarding your needs, that will be great